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Small Farm Horse Pasture 3 – Sowing / Seeding

[Read Part #2 of this 3 Part series here]

Step 2 – Sowing/Seeding:

  • Remove the aerator and replace with a seed spreader. We use a PTO driven spreader, but we have done it previously with an electric spreader (and by hand).
  • Set the seed throwing direction (we use the centre-throw) and adjust the feed-rate to suit the seed you are using. This info should come with your spreader, but if not, then it might take a few laps around to work it out – trial and error style.
  • Hook the harrows on behind the spreader, spiky side up this time to help roll some soil over the seed, and away you go again.
  • Some tips:
    • If you’re not in difficult terrain, then change your tractor back to 2WD to save on fuel.
    • Walking pace seems to work best for sowing and it’s a much nicer ride.
    • Once you start spreading the seed, note how far it throws out to each side, then adjust your paddock-laps to suit, so that you don’t get too much overlap of seed (it’s too expensive to waste).
    • That’s it, pack-up when done and start doing your favourite rain dance!
    • Note: Pelletised lime and/or fertilizer can also be applied with the seed if the soil test indicates the need, but we have usually done this separately about 6 months prior to sowing, as recommended by our agronomist.

We hope this series has been helpful and you enjoy watching your efforts grow into a strong, healthful pasture for your horses.