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Safe Weeding – Trial 3

Another trial using Contact Organics LocalSafe Weed Terminator on a fairly thick patch of cape weed, with a bit of oxalis near the path edges.

A mostly sunny winters day on 17/08/2019 with a maximum ambient temperature of around 15 degrees C. Spraying with a backpack unit using LocalSafe at the recommended mix-rate for cape weed. One area nearest the pot was completely sprayed-out, then as the weeds thinned, spot-spraying was conducted.

17/08/2019 – Thick patch of Cape Weed and a bit of Oxalis before spraying
17/08/2019 – Same patch as above about 30 minutes after spraying – action is visible
19/08/2019 – Same patch as above 2 days after spraying (note: there had been about 9mm of steady rain the day before this photo was taken)
17/08/2018 – Before spraying
17/08/2019 – About 30 minutes after spraying – action is visible
19/08/2019 – 2 days after spraying and after steady rain

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