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Safe Weeding – Trial 2

Here is another trial utilising Contact Organics LocalSafe Weed Terminator…

20/07/2019 – A fairly sunny winter day with a maximum ambient temperature of 15 degrees C.

Started spraying with a backpack unit from around noon using a slightly weaker spray ratio than in the first trial, this time 1:1:25 (40mL:40mL:1L) just to see what it would do – before/after pics below…

20/07/2019 – Capeweed before spraying
20/07/2019 – Capeweed 2 hours after spraying
03/08/2019 – Capeweed dead and shrivelled-up two weeks later
20/07/2019 – Marshmallow before spraying
20/07/2019 – Marshmallow 2 hours after spraying
20/07/2019 – Large Marshmallow before spraying
20/07/2019 – Large Marshmallow 2 hours after spraying
20/07/2019 – Stinging Nettle before spraying
20/07/2019 – Stinging Nettle 2 hours after spraying

Wow – we are really impressed with the results on the flat weed, juvenile marshmallow and stinging nettle using the weaker mix. The large marshmallow might need the stronger mix or a second hit to completely take it down – we’ll have another go and let you know what works…

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