Colic / Ulcer Support Herbal Blend – 75g


A soothing, organic, herbal preventive management for potential colic and also for managing post-colic recovery. Also beneficial in the management and repair of GI ulcers when the causal factors (eg: inappropriate feed, stress, anxiety, etc) are removed or better managed.

As a preventive, use before, during and after times of need that may cause upset to the digestive process, such as when travelling or relocating to a different location or being re-homed.

Management of post-colic recovery or GI ulcers will require more prolonged use to enable the body to repair, typically around 3 months.

This product requires stovetop preparation before use.

Note: This product is not intended to replace veterinary care or treatment of colic or ulcers, but it can be useful following colic/ulcer treatment to sooth, calm and help to repair the digestive tract.

Sold in 75g bags