Bite Me Spray – 500mL


Bite Me is a natural deterrent for biting insects, made by Happy Horse Australia using all natural ingredients with a beautiful aroma of Vetiver, Cinnamon, Vanilla & Sage… all proven to be very effective against numerous biting insects. No citronella/eucalyptus type smells.

Can be used for horse and rider and does not leave an oily feel on the skin. Bite Me also contains Aloe Vera to keep the skin hydrated.

To ensure you get the most out of your bottle, use the fine spray setting on your nozzle and shake well before each use.  There is no need to get full coverage, as Bite Me is potent stuff!

Apply as needed. Avoid getting any product in the eyes.  Best to spray in your hand and wipe over head/face area.

External Use only – Keep Lid Closed when not in use – Small Test Patch Recommended

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