Herbal Medicine for Horses

Custom Herbal Medicine Plans

As herbs were once part of the equines natural grazing diet, horses tend to accept and respond very well to herbal therapeutics.

Herbs are amazing, as they provide food and nutrition and well as being medicinal. And with traditional herbal medicine being derived from the whole plant (rather than extracted or synthetic isolates), side-effects are nil or minimal.

I am able to customise this therapy to suit the medicinal needs of the individual horse, either as a stand-alone therapy, or for use in collaboration with other options provided by Vets or other equine practitioners.

I base my herbal recommendations on a diagnosis made by a qualified Vet, unless of course, the issue is quite obvious, such as a hoof abscess or a wound.

Unlike allopathic practices, which seem to focus on the treatment of symptoms, I take the wholistic approach to treat the underlying causes as well as alleviating symptoms and improving comfort. This approach does not always provide a ‘quick fix’, but by addressing the underlying causes, the problem is unlikely to re-emerge at a later time, or in a different form.

Manufacturing and Dispensing

Where a suitable commercial herbal product is not available to recommend to you, or where I can provide a better option, I have the ability to manufacture and dispense herbal medicines or therapeutics.

I prepare the required medicine in the most appropriate form for your horse and for the herbs being used. This includes preparations, such as: tinctures, decoctions, liniments, creams, poultices, ointments, etc.

Where possible, I source organic or wild-crafted ingredients to avoid any chemical nasties. I also utilise the whole-plant as the basis of these preparations so as to capture the nutritional and therapeutic effects, along with the other constituents within the plant that help to minimise side-effects.

When prepared, I then dispense the herbal product to you with the recommended dosage rates for your horse and any other relevant information that will be helpful. Then it is a process of monitoring and regular reviews to see how the treatment is going.

Di Snow - Horse Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine