Equine Nutrition

The Father of Medicine, Hippocrates, is famed for saying – “food is thy medicine and medicine is thy food”. He is also famed for claiming that “all disease begins in the gut”. And, after studying nutrition and working with horses, I couldn’t agree more!

For me, proper nutrition is the building-block that supports good outcomes in everything else that I can offer for your horse. If the basic nutrition needs of the horse are not met, then nothing else seems to work properly either – it might seem to for a while, but sooner or later poor nutrition catches up with all living creatures, often presenting as discomfort, disease, dysfunction and sometimes even behavioural problems.

As an independent equine nutritionist, underpinned by naturopathy, my aim is to work with you and your horse to come up with the best advice for your situation that combines nutritional science with a more natural and healthful diet for your horse.

Di Snow - Horse Naturopathy and Nutrition