Equine Gastrointestinal Ulcer Syndrome (EGUS)

image with acknowledgement to Equine Therapeutic Options https://drkerryridgway.com/
Image with acknowledgement to Equine Therapeutic Options – drkerryridgway.com

EGUS is an acupoint protocol developed and refined by Dr Kerry Ridgway to provisionally diagnose and aid treatment of gastrointestinal (GI) ulcers in horses.

I sometimes use this as a stand-alone technique, particularly if a horse is experiencing digestive or behavioural problems. But, more often than not, I seem to come upon reactive acupoints while I’m providing bodywork, which then leads me down the EGUS path.

When I make a provisional diagnosis for GI ulcers, I start treatment with Photonic Therapy on the relevant acupoints. Then, I provide information and instruction for the hand-over to the horse owner, as the treatment needs to be maintained consistently until I am able to return for a review. I like to review nutrition as well, as this often needs adjustment to aid GI healing. Herbal medicine or a combination of allopathic (modern medicine) and herbal medicine can also be helpful to get things back on-track within the gut.

It is very much a wholistic and team-effort, but one well worth it, as ongoing digestive dysfunction eventually leads to so many other problems – health issues, poor function and even some behavioral problems.

You only have to stop and think about the last time you had a bad pain in the gut – it’s not only the pain, perhaps you were hunched over, which impacts on your normal posture and range of movement, you felt grumpy, food was not so appealing and you preferred to be left in peace. Why would it be any different for your horse?