How I Can Help Your Horse

More often than not in the first instance, I am usually called upon for bodywork or for help with nutritional issues when something ‘isn’t quite right’. But, often there is so much more than I can see, feel or get a sense of once I’m with you and your horse. I can appreciate that horse owners may develop a great attachment with their equine friends and sometimes this closeness makes it difficult to see the bigger picture – I can be guilty of this myself!

But, when I share time with you and your horse, for whatever reason you have called me in for, I have the advantage of being your fresh set of eyes – to look at your horse and consider all of the things within its environment so that we can consider a more wholistic, natural and preventative approach to health and wellbeing.

And while Naturopathy underpins what I do, I am not close-minded to Vets and other equine practitioners. When appropriate, I will request a diagnosis from a qualified Vet before commencing my treatment and, in many instances, the best outcomes can be achieved through a team approach. None of the services or products that I provide are intended to replace qualified veterinary care, but rather to work in a complementary manner to help achieve the best possible outcomes.

My products are premium quality and, where possible, manufactured from organic or wildcrafted ingredients. Herbal Medicine and Nutrition Plans are fully supported with written plans for you to refer to and monitor and are always backed-up with my support and review when needed. Similarly, my services include assessment, treatment and a written summary of my findings, treatment provided and any recommendations so that you can keep track of progress.

My ideals are to aim for the perfect scenario, but I do understand this may be impractical for some to sustain, and so my work with you is about achieving the best possible and most natural outcomes that are both beneficial for your horse and practical for you to apply consistently.

These are some of the ways I can help you with your horse: