Di Snow - Horse NaturopathyHi, I’m Di Snow and like many of us, my love and connection with horses began as a child on the family farm and, despite the various interruptions that life has thrown at me, I always seem to come back to them – maybe I’m obsessed, but the need for horses in my life is quite inherent, along with dogs too!

As a teenager about to leave school, I was wanting to complete studies to become a Vet or a Vet Nurse, but we were experiencing one of Australia’s worst drought periods and money had dried-up along with the land, so off into the workforce I went…

Thirty-odd years later, I was finally in a position to return to my teenage and lifelong desire. But, this desire had changed to a different slant. Coupling my life-experiences with allopathic medicine, and never being one to just accept the path of least resistance, I was steered towards more traditional and wholistic health and wellbeing modalities. And so, my journey with Equine Naturopathy began – better late than never, as they say!

I don’t see this journey ever ending now. There is still so much to experience and so, I continue to build upon Equine Naturopathy with a whole range of related learning and growth. Not only does this help to satisfy my thirst, but this also offers you and your horse quite a comprehensive service.

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Di Snow - Equine Horse Naturopathy